The next stop – The World Dance Championship in Kremlin, Moscow!

Hello Moscow!
We are blessed to perform in Kremlin this weekend, representing France at the World Dance Championship!
dianaellisjones_world-dance-championship_moscowMoscow has always been the city of extremes, where nothing is in moderation! 🙂
It’s also a magnet for the elite, that can afford quite a lavish life style despite the overall economy slowdown worldwide.
Recently plunging oil price or economic crisis??? Which crisis?
I see numerous luxury cars parked by the Stoleshnikov mews that is notoriously seducing any strolling fashionista with its chic window-shops.
Nevertheless, I turn my back to the exclusive boutiques, resisting even a tiny fashion temptation and I put on my hat of the dance champion! 😉
dianaellisjones_world-dance-cupFew steps from the Stoleshnikov pereulok, the sumptuous halls of the Aurora Hotel on Petrovka street,
where we stay, are welcoming us with the opulent design of the Tsarist Russia.
hotel-aurora_moscowNo time to procrastinate in the swanky hotel lounges, – we register by the delegation of the World Dance Council and get ourselves ready for the mission!
diana-ellis-jones_world-dance-championship_kremlin-moscowIt’s nothing less, but the World Dance Championship and our anticipation is on the rise! 😉

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