50 Shades Of London Fashion Week at the Nina Naustdal Fashion show


Exploring the 50 shades of desire at the London Fashion Week tonight in Buddha Bar!
With the dance show in ‘50 Shades Of Grey’, and many other colours, we are opening the fashion show of the glamorous Nina Naustdal couture spring summer collection! Here is a teaser to my somewhat philosophical story about the variety of shades of desire 😉

The next stop – The World Dance Championship in Kremlin, Moscow!

Hello Moscow!
We are blessed to perform in Kremlin this weekend, representing France at the World Dance Championship!
dianaellisjones_world-dance-championship_moscowMoscow has always been the city of extremes, where nothing is in moderation! 🙂
It’s also a magnet for the elite, that can afford quite a lavish life style despite the overall economy slowdown worldwide.
Recently plunging oil price or economic crisis??? Which crisis?
I see numerous luxury cars parked by the Stoleshnikov mews that is notoriously seducing any strolling fashionista with its chic window-shops.
Nevertheless, I turn my back to the exclusive boutiques, resisting even a tiny fashion temptation and I put on my hat of the dance champion! 😉
dianaellisjones_world-dance-cupFew steps from the Stoleshnikov pereulok, the sumptuous halls of the Aurora Hotel on Petrovka street,
where we stay, are welcoming us with the opulent design of the Tsarist Russia.
hotel-aurora_moscowNo time to procrastinate in the swanky hotel lounges, – we register by the delegation of the World Dance Council and get ourselves ready for the mission!
diana-ellis-jones_world-dance-championship_kremlin-moscowIt’s nothing less, but the World Dance Championship and our anticipation is on the rise! 😉

‘Dangerous liaisons’ – our next dance performance at the ‘Modern Vintage’ Show!

“I won’t kill, cause I love you!”
Forget any of my shows you have seen so far…this time we are playing with the Devil!
This Saturday, on the 12th of December, I will be performing to the songs of the multitalented artist Jay Hofman, who is launching his remarkable new album ‘Modern Vintage’.
My unconventional dance interpretation of Jay’s latest song… “I won’t kill” was created in the spirit of the “Twilight” saga. The story unravels around a couple torn apart by the death of a fiancée, who was lured into the kingdom of darkness.

Just before the funeral, at the moment of the final separation, he pleads for her not to leave him. Eventually, she is resurrected…alas as a Vampire.
…Alarming thoughts are haunting him…will she be the same again? …or is she lost forever?
Driven by her love, she persuades him to drop his guard, promising not to harm him. … But can she possibly resist her Vampire instincts?

To watch this performance live on stage, come and join us on Saturday, the 12th of December, 8pm, Conway Hall, Holborn station, London.

Dance with me and Frank Sinatra at the Savoy tonight! We have put together a smooth swagger dance show to pay tribute to the 100th birthday of Frank Sinatra and support a good cause.

To celebrate Sinatra’s 100th birthday, we are inviting you to immerse into the world of the flirty up-beat rhythms of our Latin dance show to the cool yet sentimental Frank Sinatra’s tunes.

Diana Ellis Jones_Frank Sinatra Dance Show at the Savoy_Nov2015

We are delighted to have a chance to pay tribute to this great Maestro and also to support ‘Variety’ – the Children’s Charity.

So much looking forward to make the most out of our performing skills (and the dancing champion title!) to raise awareness about helping disadvantaged children. Join us today and enjoy fantastic live music, our dance show, generous raffle prices and gourmet cuisine at the Savoy.

For more info: https://www.variety.org.uk/events/frank-sinatra-celebration-dinner

Frank Sinatra Celebration Dinner will be held on Monday, November 30, from 7p.m. at the Savoy Hotel in London.

Performing at Nina Naustdal Fashion Show Tonight!

I am very excited to perform a dance show and to present at Nina Naustdal Couture Fashion Show tonight!

DianaEllisJones - Dance Show

DianaEllisJones – Dance Show

Diana Ellis Jones_cape moment


THE LIST OF THE FASHION SHOWS for London Fashion Week 2015

Dear Friends, many of you asked me about the fashion shows, at which I am either performing or modeling or hosting the show. Please find the list below. I would appreciate if you could get in touch directly with the organizer in case you are interested to attend any of the events, because it is an incredibly busy time for me right now 😉 I hope to see you there! Diana

19th of September 2015 – INNU LONDON – Fashion show at the Kensington Roof Gardens



20th of September 2015 (Sun) – Fashion Show with Fashion TV at the Montcalm Hotel Marble Arch


22nd of September (Tue) – ROYAL FASHION DAY – LONDON FASHION WEEK Sept 2015


To attend the The Royal Fashion Day use this link:

24th of September 2015 (Thur) – KAOSKA FASHION SHOW 2015


Tickets and Reservation (Rsvp)

27th of September 2015 (Sun) – NINA NAUSTDAL COUTURE LONDON


Diana Ellis Jones for Nina Naustdal Couture – London Fashion Week 2015

Diana Ellis Jones_Dance Show for Nina Naustdal_Poster

London Fashion Week, 24th of February 2015 – NINA NAUSTDAL Couture

Here is my fashion adventure during the winter season of the London Fashion Week 2015. It was a magnificent show with Nina’s luxury couture inspired by the athleticism of racing horses and aesthetics of their muscle power, representing the spirit of the countryside and the beauty of the nature. Red and black capes were a distinct feature of this collection. In connection to that theme I performed Paso Doble Dance Show with the matador cape reinforcing the emphasis on athleticism and control over the forces of the nature.

Catwalk Tango ;-)

This stunning dress by Michaela Frankova brings my mind to one of my favorite scenes in ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’. Few years ago I was acting myself in this scene, but we didn’t get to dance Tango. Now it looks like it’s time to complete this fiery dialogue with the Tango scene 😉

Diana Ellis Jones_Michaela Frankova (Dress design)_Catwalk Tango

Diana Ellis Jones_Michaela Frankova (Dress design)_Catwalk Tango

My acting dialogue without the Tango at the end ;-/ …


The original dialogue with with the dance scene


European Dance Cup 2015 in Moscow

Performing at the European Dance Cup in Moscow, Kremlin this weekend. Good old Soviet style event with a special visit of Vladimir 😉

Diana Ellis Jones - European Dance Cup

On The Wings Of Inspiration

This image conveys exactly the idea of our dance show we performed last week for Nina Naustdal Fashion event.

DianaEllisJones - dance

on the wings of inspiration