50 Shades Of London Fashion Week at the Nina Naustdal Fashion show


Exploring the 50 shades of desire at the London Fashion Week tonight in Buddha Bar!
With the dance show in ‘50 Shades Of Grey’, and many other colours, we are opening the fashion show of the glamorous Nina Naustdal couture spring summer collection! Here is a teaser to my somewhat philosophical story about the variety of shades of desire 😉

Diana Ellis Jones – Which dress should I wear as a host this London Fashion Week for Kaoska Show?

Which dress should I wear for this London Fashion Week. Diana Ellis Jones. Nico Didonna Evening Dresses London

I want to know your opinion, which dress should I wear as a host at the Kaoska Fashion Show this season!

London based luxury evening wear designer Nico Didonna is styling me for this occasion with the elegant evening dresses from his latest collection and I would like to know your opinion on the dress you like most! Just post your comments below with your choice of the dress:

  1. Orange
  2. Sparkle (Midnight dream)
  3. Royal Blue
  4. Cream & Roses diana-ellis-jones_orange-dress_nico-didonna diana-ellis-jones_sparkle-dress_nico-didonnadiana-ellis-jones_blue-dress_nico-didonna diana-ellis-jones_white-dress_nico-didonna
    The Fashion show will take place on the 24th of September 2016 at the DoubleTree by Hilton. Door opens at 6pm, 6.45pm- chat show with designers that I am going to host, followed by the fashion show.
    Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/kaoska-fashion-show-2016-tickets-26979540532Nico Didonna: http://www.nicodidonna.com/

Modeling Lily’s Design at the Catwalk Society London

What does it take to frame a perfect shot? – Well, ask Alessandro Pelosi, who has an intrinsic intuition about getting it right! As you may have guessed, it’s not just about pressing a button on your camera at the right time! There goes so much into a perfect composition: the light, the angle, the pose, the mood, the line,….and, and, and… It helps to have a good model ;-), but that’s not all! And only after all those efforts of the make up and hair team and designer’s and stylist’s choice for the right look, only then the flick on the camera button brings rewards. Alessandro Pelosi – you get 5 stars for framing this shot! 😉

Pleasure to model for Lily’s Design at the Catwalk Society London Show.

Modeling Lily’s Design at the Catwalk Society London Photographer: Alessandro Pelosi Model: Diana Ellis Jones

Modeling Lily’s Design at the Catwalk Society London
Photographer: Alessandro Pelosi
Model: Diana Ellis Jones


Modeling for ‘I Love Lola’ at the Royal Fashion Day during the London Fashion Week

I’ve enjoyed sooo… much modeling for the stunning designs or ‘I Love Lola!’ at the Royal Fashion Day SS16 in London! Their silky fabrics were floating like a waterfall around my body and I could set the tune and bring those bright sunny colours and light dancing fabrics into motion!

Modeling for 'I Love Lola' at the Royal Fashion Day during the London Fashion Week Photographer: Mansoor Ali Model: Diana Ellis Jones

Modeling for ‘I Love Lola’ at the Royal Fashion Day during the London Fashion Week
Photographer: Mansoor Ali
Model: Diana Ellis Jones

THE LIST OF THE FASHION SHOWS for London Fashion Week 2015

Dear Friends, many of you asked me about the fashion shows, at which I am either performing or modeling or hosting the show. Please find the list below. I would appreciate if you could get in touch directly with the organizer in case you are interested to attend any of the events, because it is an incredibly busy time for me right now 😉 I hope to see you there! Diana

19th of September 2015 – INNU LONDON – Fashion show at the Kensington Roof Gardens



20th of September 2015 (Sun) – Fashion Show with Fashion TV at the Montcalm Hotel Marble Arch


22nd of September (Tue) – ROYAL FASHION DAY – LONDON FASHION WEEK Sept 2015


To attend the The Royal Fashion Day use this link:

24th of September 2015 (Thur) – KAOSKA FASHION SHOW 2015


Tickets and Reservation (Rsvp)

27th of September 2015 (Sun) – NINA NAUSTDAL COUTURE LONDON


Diana Ellis Jones for Nina Naustdal Couture – London Fashion Week 2015

Diana Ellis Jones_Dance Show for Nina Naustdal_Poster

London Fashion Week, 24th of February 2015 – NINA NAUSTDAL Couture

Here is my fashion adventure during the winter season of the London Fashion Week 2015. It was a magnificent show with Nina’s luxury couture inspired by the athleticism of racing horses and aesthetics of their muscle power, representing the spirit of the countryside and the beauty of the nature. Red and black capes were a distinct feature of this collection. In connection to that theme I performed Paso Doble Dance Show with the matador cape reinforcing the emphasis on athleticism and control over the forces of the nature.

Coral Dress Memories

Once upon a time there was a contest for models and aspiring entrepreneurs. After the event I saw this image in OK! Magazine, but today I stumbled across it on Facebook.

Diana Ellis Jones modeling for Charles Svingholm

Diana Ellis Jones modeling for Charles Svingholm

It was a moment from the catwalk show at the final of this contest, where I had the pleasure to model for the great designer, Charles Svingholm. Wonderful memories… I was honored to present myself among the other finalists. You can see my joy judging by my big smile ;-). I really like that fiery coral color of the dress. It makes me think of the spirit of Africa with the orange sunset in the tropical steppe and the wild cats, that I adore so much! It’s a strong optimistic color that celebrates the energy and life.

Catwalk Tango ;-)

This stunning dress by Michaela Frankova brings my mind to one of my favorite scenes in ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’. Few years ago I was acting myself in this scene, but we didn’t get to dance Tango. Now it looks like it’s time to complete this fiery dialogue with the Tango scene 😉

Diana Ellis Jones_Michaela Frankova (Dress design)_Catwalk Tango

Diana Ellis Jones_Michaela Frankova (Dress design)_Catwalk Tango

My acting dialogue without the Tango at the end ;-/ …


The original dialogue with with the dance scene


Hello, London Fashion Week 2015!

Getting ready for the coming London Fashion Week 2015. A great time was had at the casting for the fashion show that will take place on the 20th of September 2015 at the Grand Ballroom of Montcalm London Marble Arch.

London Fashion Week 2015, Diana Ellis Jones

London Fashion Week 2015, Diana Ellis Jones
Designs: Michaela Frankova

Among the designers there will be Michaela Frankova with her elegant feminine collection. The evening black lace dress with the mermaid tail and the scarlet satin dress in the picture is one of her designs. I will have the pleasure to model it for her.

Diana Ellis Jones_dress by Michaela Frankova

Our renowned catwalk Guru, Barbod Mayriz is also part of the team. Barbod likes to take things into his stride and teach the models how to strut fiercely trough the catwalk. For some unknown reasons my shy wallflower nature encourages the Ballroom Latin dancer in him, and we waltz trough the runway instead 😉

Another designer that I am going to model for is Renee Lacroix with her fashion label ‘Antithesis’. Antithesis is about breaking away from the fashion mainstream by creating garments that are practical and effortless.

If I manage to slip in and out of the outfits quickly enough, I will also be co-hosting this event together with Sarah-Jane Crawford, who you probably know from hosting the X-Factor.

The show is conducted with the immaculate planning of Petra Trunechova, who truly is the jack of all possible traids and Master of the great event organization!

This occasion is something to be looking forward to!

http://equityproductions.com will bring you more of those fashion news through the video camera lens! Stay classy and sassy!

Yours faithfully,

Diana Ellis Jones

Diamonds Are Forever – London Fashion Week 2015

We are proud to announce our next dance performance at the London Fashion Week 2015. Dance show inspired by the sophistication of Jennifer Klein’s luxury jewellery Debut Collection ‘Diamonds are forever’.

Diana Ellis Jones - Diamonds Are Forever