Hello, London Fashion Week 2015!

Getting ready for the coming London Fashion Week 2015. A great time was had at the casting for the fashion show that will take place on the 20th of September 2015 at the Grand Ballroom of Montcalm London Marble Arch.

London Fashion Week 2015, Diana Ellis Jones

London Fashion Week 2015, Diana Ellis Jones
Designs: Michaela Frankova

Among the designers there will be Michaela Frankova with her elegant feminine collection. The evening black lace dress with the mermaid tail and the scarlet satin dress in the picture is one of her designs. I will have the pleasure to model it for her.

Diana Ellis Jones_dress by Michaela Frankova

Our renowned catwalk Guru, Barbod Mayriz is also part of the team. Barbod likes to take things into his stride and teach the models how to strut fiercely trough the catwalk. For some unknown reasons my shy wallflower nature encourages the Ballroom Latin dancer in him, and we waltz trough the runway instead đŸ˜‰

Another designer that I am going to model for is Renee Lacroix with her fashion label ‘Antithesis’. Antithesis is about breaking away from the fashion mainstream by creating garments that are practical and effortless.

If I manage to slip in and out of the outfits quickly enough, I will also be co-hosting this event together with Sarah-Jane Crawford, who you probably know from hosting the X-Factor.

The show is conducted with the immaculate planning of Petra Trunechova, who truly is the jack of all possible traids and Master of the great event organization!

This occasion is something to be looking forward to!

http://equityproductions.com will bring you more of those fashion news through the video camera lens! Stay classy and sassy!

Yours faithfully,

Diana Ellis Jones

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